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Whisk Takers

Dec 6, 2019

In our Season 1 finale we discuss our families' Christmas baking traditions, Roxanne quizzes Fiona on various culture's traditional winter baked goods, and we rhapsodize over the lovely panettone we made! 


Nov 15, 2019

It's the beginning of our sourdough journey! Join us, won't you? In this episode, we offer an overview of sourdough and describe our experience following Brad Leone’s & Claire Saffitz's sourdough tutorial on the Bon Appétit youtube page. Spoiler alert: at the end there's bread.

Nov 1, 2019

Roxanne very rudely forgot to introduce her dad in their interview, as if everyone should already know his name! Presumptuous. His name is David, or Doctor Be. This episode we share two of our fathers' specialty bakes with each other, and celebrate our appreciation for spending time in the kitchen with our dads!...

Oct 25, 2019

This is merely the beginning of our chocolate-centric episodes. We discuss our favorite chocolate bakes, bake Nadiya Hussain's decadent Chocolate-Peanut tart, and dive into what exactly cocoa powder is and how we get it from a darn bean! It's a good reminder that we are bakers but not chemists.

Oct 5, 2019

It is established Whisk Takers canon that we learned a lot about baking from our Moms. This week we interviewed them for you! We also talk about some of our personal favorite family bakes and what we MUST HAVE for the holidays.